Five Questions With… Sam Thacker

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Being Sam Thacker sounds like a cool gig. A Texan by birth and an Atlantan by choice, this rock star on the rise is currently crisscrossing the country in support of his new album, Lines. He’s got more friends on MySpace than total acquaintances I’ve made in my life- period. To top it all off, he handled his five questions with a cool and calm that even Russell Hammond would kill for.

Q. You once remarked that you got paid $25 a pitcher of PBR for your first gig. If I gave you $25, a pitcher of PBR and told you to enjoy Atlanta to its fullest, what would you do?

A. In the summer, I’d take the pitcher to Turner Field and tailgate with friends. Then I’d buy us some of the $5 tickets and hang at Top of the Chop for the game.

Q. Best music neighborhood(s)?

A. I think it depends on what you’re looking for. One of my favorite things about Atlanta is that you can find so many different things going on in the same city on the same night. For a good party, the Highlands with the Yacht Rock guys is always cool. The Center Stage/Loft/Vinyl complex is unique because you can find three very different kinds of bands playing under the same roof. And Smiths Olde Bar has always been one of my favorite places to play or see a show.

Q. You’re given the opportunity to create your own supergroup- who’s joining you on stage?

A. That’s a tough one. I’d love to sing with Stevie Nicks. Dave Grohl on drums. The Edge on guitar. Sting on bass.


Warning: If you’re singing a duet with Stevie Nicks, keep your hands off her microphone stand scarves, and don’t complain about the industrial strength fan that always seems to be blowing a tornado through her signature blonde hair.
Q. What do you like best about being an Atlanta-based musician?

A. Feeling like I have to bring my A game every single day because there are so many talented folks in this town.

Q. If you could create the ultimate MC Hammer meets Vince Neil decadent rock star house, what would it look like?

A. Funny you should ask – I’m in the process of buying my first home now. It’s definitely gonna be a far cry from anything on MTV Cribs, but if I could create whatever I wanted I think it would be like this:

It would definitely have a great studio – and not in the basement or anything. Just a great sounding, free standing space. I love to cook so it would have a top notch kitchen with all of the kick ass Viking equipment and plenty of room to work. A media room with a huge flat screen for watching football on Sundays. A fairly simple master bedroom but with a huge shower in the master bath – the kind with the shower heads built into the walls and the main one built into the ceiling. Oh, and definitely a steam room. Finish it of with a pool and a lazy river running through a big back yard and I’d be on cloud nine.


This TV costs over a $100,000. Even during his “”Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em”” years, MC Hammer would have scoffed at buying such an expensive television.BONUS QUESTION:Why is your new release, Lines, awesome?

A. I feel like it’s a very honest album. I’ve grown up a lot since my last one and I think the songs on “”Lines”” reflect that growth. I got to work with a lot of amazingly talented people and really enjoyed the whole process. I’m very proud of this one. The music genuinely means something to me – it’s not just lyrics and melodies, and I think things like that make an album special.

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