Flipping Virgins Casting In Atlanta

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Thinking about flipping your first house?  Love watching HGTV, and think that you’re finally ready for your closeup?  Nervous about investing a small fortune in a speculative home rehabilitation and don’t mind cameras filming you as you stress out over money, bickering with your partner and whether or not you’ll win big or crap out?  The folks over at Flipping Virgins want to hear from you!

To be eligible you must:

• Be looking to flip a house for the first time (ideal combined budgets start at $100,000 for house and renovation)

• Be looking to flip a house in the Metro Atlanta area now and August

• Be outgoing, energetic and opinionated.  Dullards need not apply.

• Be in need of expert design and construction help

• Have financingand/or money.  You’ve got to pay to play, folks.

• Be available for up to 8 days of filming (weekdays included, staggered over a 12 week period)

• Be enthusiastic about working with show experts.

• Must be 21 years of age or older

For more information, visit: https://flippingvirgins.castingcrane.com/

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