Forbes: Atlanta Better Than Charlotte

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“Regional rivalries are fun, whether they’re driven by cultural differences, economic competition or professional sports.

Dallas vs. Houston

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

And my favorite, Atlanta vs. Charlotte.

Prior to moving to Atlanta I had no idea of the existing rivalry between these two cities. I figured that they both just coexisted peacefully, siphoning off business, industry and population from the Rust Belt. Little did I know how feverishly the two fought over just about everything- from a NASCAR Museum to the unofficial title of “”Capital of the South“”. It’s a full fledged battle royale, and whenever one city can find an advantage over the other, they exploit it.

So I was pleased to read this recent article in Forbes, titled The Best Cities To Buy A Home. Atlanta came in at #13 on the list. Charlotte, #14. Did you read that, Charlotte? Yeah, that’s right: we’re #13, an you’re #14. Hope you’re enjoy that NASCAR Museum back there in 14th place!

Obviously, someone at Forbes is attuned to our regional melee…

To read the full article- a great read regardless of where you live- click here. It sums up some recent trends, and also explains their methodology before launching in to the “”Top 25″” list.”

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