Free Property Tax Workshops

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When it comes to taxes, its hard to find someone who will freely admit that they pay less than their fare share.  This is especially the case with property taxes, where plummeting prices and foreclosures have lowered home values throughout the Atlanta area.   Today’s AJC has an interesting articleabout the phenomenon, highlighting a newly released report by the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership noting that tens of thousands of area home have been overvalued bycounty tax assessors.

Having gone through the process of appealing my property taxes, I know first hand how tedious and unpleasant the experience can be.  There’s quite a bit of preperation that must be done prior to the appeal, and many homeowners make the mistake of showing up without the proper documentation to make their case.  The Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation, “”a non-profit advocate of lower property taxes in Atlanta/Fulton County””, is putting on a series of property tax workshops to help prepare homeowners thinking about making an appeal.  The events are free (a $5 donation is suggested), and open to the public.  If you’re thinking about making an appeal, click here to find out more.

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