Georgia Adopt A Stream

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America’s love affair with the automobile is on full display with the “”adopt a highway”” program.  While these partnerships vary from state to state, the general idea enables community groups or business to pick up  (or pay for someone else to pick up) roadside trash.  The tangible reward for this public service is a roadside sign crediting each group for their work.  It’s probably cheaper than paying for a billboard, public money isn’t tapped, and it lets the community know that the adopter cares about the ten foot stretch of grass that runs between the east and west lanes of a highway.  It’s a win-win-win.

Now, through a program sponsored by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Georgians have the ability to adopt a stream.  While adopters won’t benefit from high-profile signage, they will gain by learning more about water quality issues while creating an impenetrable bond with a local stream.  Whether you’re a water quality worrywort, a family looking for a fun weekend activity or just a recovering highway adopter, this may be the program that you’ve been waiting for.

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