Georgia Growing More Organics

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Just leafing through the newest issue of The Dirt, Georgia Organics’ monthly newsletter.  A little chart that they provided, courtesy of the Natural Resources Conservation Service:

42 —  Georgia’s rank in the nation for total acres under Certified Organic Operations.

62 — Certified organic producers in Georgia.

$1 million — Amount of money allocated to Georgia, under the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Organic Initiative.

$655,582 — Amount that went to 22 growers who were already certified organic, to expand acreage.

$440,346 — Amount that went to 31 conventional growers that will be transitioned to organic.

44% — Increase in total organic acreage the transitioned land will add to Georgia’s inventory.

25 — Georgia’s potential national organic acreage ranking once the conventional growers complete the transition

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