Green Housing In Atlanta?

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Just catching up on ARC’s Land Matters blog and came across this post: Greenest Homes Those Near Transit.  It’s an interesting little post that spotlights a recent EPA report on housing location, and it’s conclusions are obviously damning for a city that can’t function without the freeway.  The nuts and bolts:

According to a new study out from the EPA, Location Efficiency and Housing Type – Boiling it Down to BTUs, buildings and transportation together account for about 70% of U.S. energy use and 62% of its greenhouse gas emissions, and homes near public transportation uses less energy than homes in the suburbs, regardless of many energy saving measures the home may take.

Perhaps a few homes within a mile or so of MARTA, in Lake Claire, Inman Park or Candler Park might be worth checking out…

It’s not possible for everyone to move to an Earthcraft Certified home within half a mile of MARTA, but if you’ve got carbon footprint on the brain, that might do the trick…

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