House For Sale, Beer For Free

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There are a number of reasons why Canada never experienced a housing bust like we’ve witnessed in the U.S., but evidently an appreciation for free beer is not one of them.

According to the Calgary Herald:

…the sellers of two listed Calgary homes are offering a sudsy incentive to prospective buyers: $1,000 in beer.

Robyn Moser, the MaxWell South Star Realty realtor behind the Hidden Valley and Coventry Hills listings, said the homeowners have agreed to leave the beer behind as part of the deal.

“”It’s a homeowner incentive, not a realtor incentive because we can’t put those out there,”” said Moser, adding the brand of beer left behind will be negotiated as part of the purchase agreement.
While I’ve never seen beer used as a promotion in the Atlanta market, a few years back a local developer was offering  free Mini Coopers with the purchase of a condominium.  It was a novel concept, interesting enough to generate considerable buzz.  Unfortunately, the buzz didn’t translate into sales: both buildings- Aqua and Duo- achieved eventual success through the auction process.
The Real Estate Moral To The Story: Promotion is important.  Price, even more important.
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