Inman Park Dine Out

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It’s no secret how I feel about Inman Park. It’s where I own a business, base my real estate practice out of, and do my neighborhood organizing. Known affectionately as “”small town, down town””, Inman Park is proving once again that it knows how to come together to support a worthy cause.

On Wednesday, July 29, the restaurants and businesses of Inman Park are putting on the inaugural Inman Park Dine Out. Participating businesses are donating a cut of their sales for the day to the Inman Park Security Patrol, the fantastic neighborhood group that’s dedicated to, well, making Inman Park more secure. So go ahead, eat some pizza, do some laughing, send some FedEx, get an eye exam, wax your back, fix your computer, bathe in hummus… all for a great cause!
For more information on the Inman Park Dine, including an updated list of participating businesses, click here.
Read up on the special Inman Park Ice Cream flavor, created by Jake’s Ice Cream in support of the Dine Out, here.
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