Is Atlanta Healthy?

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Interesting news on Atlanta’s health from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).  Turns out that Atlanta is a pretty healthy place, at least relative to Georgia as a whole.  ARC’s email referenced a joint study conducted by the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute County Health Rankings and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, factoring in some pretty relevant factors, including: Access to healthy foods, Children in poverty, Uninsured adults, Binge drinking and Diabetic screening.  It’s a fairly wonky analysis, so while it might not appear to be worth the click through… I thought it was interesting (and shocking).  Which means, of course, that you should find it interesting as well.

So how does the big picture look?  ARC was also kind enough to include a link to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, a massive national polling exercise that’s aimed at measuring “”healthy”” and “”good”” living. My quotes, not theirs (your idea of good living might be a KFC Double Down). Any way you look at it, we’re all better off knowing a little bit more about our relative health.

After all, we’re all paying for it, one way or another…

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