It’s Not Easy Being Green

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Remember when “green” was nothing more than the color of vegetables that children didn’t want to eat and cars that adults didn’t want to drive?

Some companies turned to imposing (yet friendly and health conscious) giants to help get their message across.

Others ignored the concept of “green” entirely, packaging millions of their, um, sandwiches in humongous styrofoam tombs. It was the ’80’s, after all.

I’m psyched to be working for a company that views an environmentally conscious lifestyle as more than just a trend. Sanctuary’s GreenLife program promotes eco-friendly developments, hosts eco-friendly training and provides a variety of practical, eco-friendly resources.

As part of the initiative, we’ve put together a useful GreenLife calendar (it’s in pdf form, waiting for you to print it out). It features monthly discount coupons to Habersham Gardens– so you can nourish that budding green thumb of yours- as well as a bunch of really useful, carbon footprint reducing tips. Whether you’re looking to learn how to compost, interested in joining a ride share, or just in need of a new calendar, contact me here and I’ll email me you a GreenLife calendar of your very own!

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