Jane Fonda’s Loft For Sale

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Contrary to popular opinion, Atlanta has star power.  Not New York or LA star power- but- relative to say, Houston or Detroit, Atlanta’s got its fair share of a (and b) listers.  Perhaps the city’s two biggest stars aren’t from here originally, which makes their provenance of Atlanta all the more remarkable.   Yes, I’m talking about Elton John and Jane Fonda.  Atlantans seem to cherish these two transplants as if they were the ultimate symbols of arrival, a sign to the outer world that Atlanta has indeed risen again.

Now, after 19 years of residence, we find out at that Jane Fonda is leaving Atlanta.  For Los Angeles.  Ugh.

You can read all about Jane’s departure on her blog, JaneFonda.com, but the net-net is that she’s moving to relaunch her career as an actress.

Not unlike other folks that are facing the specter of relocation, Ms. Fonda is looking to sell her loft.  I smell an opportunity!  Pictures, below (plus a whole slew over at- you guessed it- JaneFonda.com).


Of course, if you’re looking for an agent to represent you in your negotiations with Ms. Fonda, I’d be honored to assist you.

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