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I don’t normally promote other Realtors, but I received a marketing piece from Domo Realty’s Vanessa Reilly today that is too fantastic not to share.  The first paragraph, in particular, is gold:

There is nothing beautiful about this house. It is probably the ugliest little turd you have ever seen. I’m not going to sugar coat the description and waste your time by telling you how “”amazing”” this handy-man special is, because you would get really pissed off and call me up and say WHY IN THE WORLD DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT WAS THE UGLIEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK?!?! (you’d probably throw in a couple not so nice adjectives too).

She goes on to describe the property and outline the upside (it really is a great opportunity), all the while keeping an honest and straightforward tone.  Well done and worth a major tip of the cap.

Learn more about Vanessa’s “”ugliest little turd””- which really does have tons of upside.

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