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A modern, superficial Kirkwood history lesson might begin on Hosea Williams Drive.  It would include a glance over at the Mrs. Winners and the BP Station: pre-transition.  A turn of the head, and a quick glance at Jazmin Spa and Le Petit Marche: transition in progress.   This sums up how many of us view neighborhooods, especially the intown nabes that have gone through such radical transformations over the past ten years.  A simple “”before and after”” shot, on that conveniently never needs to move past Main Street.

Of course, history predates the arrival of gas stations and fried food.  The Dekalb History Center’s Lunch and Learn Lecture Series provides a fantastic opportunity to learn a little bit more about the people and places that have made the Atlanta-Decatur area such an interesting place.  It’s free and you can bring your own lunch.  Finally, you can put away Wikipedia as your only source of adult education!

Straight from the source:

The DeKalb History Center’s Lunch and Learn Lecture Series continues in July with a presentation by Joe Alcock, who will explain how Kirkwood, once a booming little city, was destined to compete with its neighbor to the east.  It was a railroad hub, a center for industry and a thriving residential community.  He will cover its early history, the devastation from the Civil War, a rocky incorporation, the leadership that brought it into existence and its fall from memory.  Joe will also address the initial and progressive plans for its urban infrastructure and development patterns from 1900.  He will conclude with present planning and preservation efforts.

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