Lake Claire Cohousing

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It wasn’t until this year’s Lake Claire Tour of Homes that I stumbled upon Lake Claire CohousingCohousing is definitely a unique concept- and in Atlanta, quite novel.  This particular development consists of 13 townhomes, a common house and common property.  From the pamphlet that I picked up, a little bit on how it works:

The physical design of the community helps to foster neihborliness.  There is a large common house where residents share meals, meet to discuss community issues, care forchlidren and hold parties, classes and other events.  So that neighbors have many opportunities to chat, mailboxes and laundry are located in the common house.  The parking is on the periphery, and walkways lead through the commons to the individual houses.  For those who live in cohousing, the sacrifices are worth it.  There are impromptu conversations, late night bottles of wine, and sharing of favorite movies.  Dogless people can borrow a dog to walk.  Children get to know adult other than their parents, and other cohousing kids can be like siblings.  Music occasionally echoes through the courtyards.  While adding less “”stuff”” to the environment, we have access to more things than we would otherwise have- we share books, toys, wood shop tools, games, culinary supplies, bicycles, art supplies and much more.  In times of crisis and time of celebration we are here for each other, with soup, birthday cards, shared expertise, and surprising resourcefulness.

Definitely not for everyone, but it’s a fantastic option for someone looking for a greater sense of community and a shared living experience.

Photo Credit: Village Habitat Designs

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