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There’s no doubt that the organic food movement has reached a critical mass. The upcoming documentary Food, Inc. will only further the progress of the incredibly popular book Omnivore’s Dilemma, as everyone further questions how their food was grown, where it was grown, and what they’re ultimately putting in their bodies. It’s all good, except without careful consideration or a little extra research, all of this new found love for anything organic will simply turn Whole Foods into Whole Paycheck.

What’s a conscientious consumer to do?
Georgia Organics, the Atlanta based non-profit nurtures, encourages and networks local and organic foods to the hilt. Whether you’re looking to grow your own organic garden, find a restaurant that uses local produce or join a CSA, this is a fantastic organization to learn more about.
Take a few minutes out of your day to find out more about locally grown beef, or the local pick up point for fresh, Georgia-grown fruits and vegetables. It’ll take less time than the wait at the McDonald’s drive-thru, and you’ll feel better off for it. Or, you could buy this 2 BR bungalow in Kirkwood, and with it, this awesome, garden-starved backyard:
Click here to learn more about Georgia Organics.
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