Mike Patrick, Storico Fresco Pasta

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Mike Patrick is the founder of Storico Fresco, which is hands down the best pasta in Atlanta.  There’s really not much more that I can say about it – try it once, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  His food is the truth, and his commitment to culinary anthropology is completely inspiring.  Get to know Mike, and then get to finding his pasta

Q.  One last meal in Atlanta: where are you going, and what are you eating?

A.  Let’s go with a tour: a rotation through Oriental Pearl for some dim sum (break) Yakitori Jinbei for ramen (break) Antico for a calzone(break) Bacchanalia for a seven coarse with some fantastic wine pairings.

Q.  A year of eating only Chef Boyardee, or a year of eating no pasta at all? 

A.  This is an easy one. no pasta at all, although I would most likely wake up many a night in panic. I refuse to eat anything even remotely close to Boyardee, even if it was actually developed by a true Italian “”chef””.  What were we thinking with this stuff?

Q.  Hidden Atlanta gems? 

A.  While not hidden, Buford Highway is a fantastic exploration of food I never get tired of. 

Q.  Any advice for home cooks looking to maximize their pasta experience?

A.  No colanders, salt your water aggressively and learn how to use pasta water. 

 Q.  What is Storico Fresco, and why should every Atlantan know about it?

A.   Storico is more then just a pasta company its a complete understanding of what you are eating. From its historical roots to its farming roots this is about knowing what you put into your body, understanding seasonality and identifying with a product on a much higher level then we are used to. We are also trying to teach a true historical style of Italian cooking with our pastas. So, whether its a brown butter sage sauce, slices of lardo or poppy seeds and pine nuts you can relate to the ingredient list the Italians had many years ago and enjoy the history even more. 

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