PEDS: An Atlanta Pedestrian’s Best Friend

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Ok, so Atlanta’s not always going to register as a world-beater on Walk Score.  Anyone that has spent any time in our fair city knows this already.  There is, however, a fantastic non-profit organization that’s doing a ton to make the metro Atlanta area a more pedestrian friendly place.  PEDS is dedicated to the plight of the walker, biker, stroller and runner, and it is one of the great unsung heroes in raising the quality of life of neighborhoods throughout the city.

Whether it’s a broken sidewalk, a hazardous utility line, an intersection that needs a cross walk or anything in between, PEDS’ online tool makes it easy to let the right people know about the problem.  The site offers pretty exhaustive resources on just about every pedestrian-related topic that you can imagine, as well as “”take action”” items that empower visitors to get more involved with their local community.

PEDS is definitely a site worth bookmarking, and an organization worth supporting.

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