Protecting Your Earnest Money

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Imagine writing a fifty-three million dollar check (also known as $53,000,000) as a deposit on a real estate transaction.  Mind you, this check represents a mere 10% of the overall $527 million price of the home that you’re buying.  I think we can all agree that it’s a rather sizable check, nonetheless.

Now, since we’re already in fantasy land, think about this: let’s say that you have a change of heart.  You no longer want the house.   Guess what?  You just lost $53 million dollars.

The good news is, you’re worth nearly $20 billion.  While the above relayed story isn’t exactly what happened to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokohorov, it is a cautionary tale to anyone purchasing real estate.  Be aware of the terms of your contract, and be very aware of the various deadlines involved in your transaction.

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