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Blatant misspelling or typo:  which is worse?

Near the intersection of Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge there are two signs.  One of them features a misspelling, the other an unfortunate typo.  Perhaps you’ve seen them:

dozens of real estate listings on a daily basis.  I see a ton of typos and misspellings.  It might be a byproduct of our over reliance on spell checking software or just a lack of attention to detail.  Perhaps our brains have been rewired due to years of text messaging.   Not really sure what it is, but it’s a huge pet peeve of mine.  Hate to vent and nitpick, but I’m tired of seeing the word beautiful spelled beuatiful, and I have come across far too many renovaitions.  Maybe I was just sent over the edge this morning when I read about a home located near the Belway, not the BeltLine.

Let’s stop the insanity, fellow real estate professionals.  We can do better that this.

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