Send Off Pop Art in Atlanta

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With the news full of tempests and tales of natural disaster, seeing all the efforts organizing in town has been heartening. The weekend is anticipated to be a busy one in town. (As of yesterday, Atlanta Air BnB properties were 88% booked.)

If you need to get out of the house and get away from live updates and the out-of-town traffic, we recommend paying a Sunday visit to the High. Not only does Sunday feature their Second Sunday, offering entertainment for all ages and free entry from 1 to 4, Sunday is also the final day to see their Andy Warhol exhibition. While iconic pop art may not offer an instant solution to larger scale troubles, a thoughtful excursion is a memorable excuse to get away from worrisome meteorologist’s updates, or even take your visiting family and friends from Florida or Savannah and fully MARTA accessible via the Arts Center Station.

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