Sprawl Is Not The Answer

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In yesterday’s post, I listed ten reasons to take the free Atlanta BeltLine tour. Reason number eight, ladies and gentlemen:

Sprawl is not the answer.

So today, I was browsing through my free Atlanta Journal-Constitution (word on the street is that they actually charge you if you pick up the “”paper”” version), and I came across a fantastic piece from Jay Bookman, entitled: The Phenomenon of Sprawl Has Passed Into History. Hmmm.

I didn’t read Bookman’s piece so much as an indictment of all suburbs- clearly, there are many areas outside of The Perimeter with strong real estate markets. The article is more of a matter-of-fact analysis of boom, bust, demographic trends and economic reality. Straight from the source:

Today, if you fly over or drive around the outer suburbs of metro Atlanta, you’ll find tens of thousands of vacant lots, cleared and ready for houses. Many of those empty lots — some complete with paved roads, sewer, water and utilities — will never see development and are destined to be reclaimed by nature, reverting to pasture or forest.

It’s really an excellent read, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it.

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