StoryCorps Hits Atlanta!

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I’ve long been obsessed with StoryCorps, America’s largest nonprofit national oral history project. To say that I was excited when I heard that they were decamping in Atlanta for an extended run, well, that would be a bit of an understatement.

StoryCorps’ newest StoryBooth is located in the studios of WABE, Atlanta’s public radio station. Over the next year, StoryCorps expects to record the voices of more than 1,500 local participants, creating a treasure trove of personal stories and histories. Each conversation is recorded for free on a CD, and is also archived for generations to come at the Library of Congress. Select stores are also broadcast on public radio.

If you have a personal story worth telling- or know someone who you think has experiences worth sharing- you should definitely sign up.

Reserve your slot on StoryCorps’ 24-hour reservation line, 1-800-850-4406, or click here.

Approximately 25% of all StoryCorps’ Atlanta appointments will be filled by local community organizations. Interested community groups should contact StoryCorps’ Atlanta Site Supervisor Amanda Plumb at (678) 686-0388.
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