The End Of Journalism As We Know It

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Today’s features a photo feature that asks readers to vote for their favorite mid-tier, Atlanta based fast food burger: “”Arby’s or Wendy’s””. That was the actual headline. “”Arby’s or Wendy’s””.

Readers are also asked to pick between Arby’s Market FreshReuben sandwich or Wendy’s Baconator burger.

I know that the newspaper business is in trouble… but really? Really?

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that will keep you as far from a Wendy’s or Arby’s as possible (both of which are sadly, never that far away), check out Inman Park. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also a true neighborhood. There are plenty of delicious burgers too, ranging from Rathbun Steak’s juicy sirloin burger to Shaun’s killer Waygu beef cheeseburger.

* Rathbun Steak burger photo courtesy of Blissful Glutton

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