The Long-Suffering Real Estate Agent

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According to the National Association of Realtors, the average home buyer visits 10-12 homes before making a decision. While this number vacillates depending on circumstances, it’s a pretty realistic yardstick for home searches. Ultimately, the primary “”circumstance”” at play is the home buyer him/herself. No one wants to compromise, nor does anyone want to be less than 100% thorough… but some folks take picky to the extreme. The Wall Street Journal profiles one such home buyer, who personally inspected 298 homes over a two and a half year period before making a decision!
My first thought was… WOWSERS!
My second thought was that this could make a great feature film. Meg Ryan as the eccentric house hunter who at first falls in love with the “”hobby”” of house hunting, goes through several real estate agents and then meets workaholic real estate broker played by Liam Neeson. He helps her find a house and her heart, at the same time.
My third thought was that finding a home isn’t easy. For all the HGTV shows, websites and chatter, knowing when a space is right is more than just dollars and cents, square feet and stainless steel appliances. While this article documents an extreme example of the- shall we say- discerning house hunter, we all rely on our “”gut”” to a certain extent when it comes to finding a home. And that’s, well, that’s ok.

Final thought: If you needed to look at 298 homes before finding the right one, you need a new real estate agent. Next time, just give me a call.

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