Tin Lizzy Opening In Grant Park Confirmed

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“Inside The Sprawl is reporting that Tin Lizzy’s Grant Park location is opening up in the old Six Feet Under space on Memorial Avenue on January 7. They received their liquor license approval, which is usually the biggest hurdle in the process.

In their honor- and because I couldn’t find any suitable images on their website- I’ve posted a picture of Irish rockers Thin Lizzy (of “”The Boys Are Back In Town”” fame):

Memorial Avenue has had a pretty prolific year of new restaurant openings. Just off the top of my head, we’ve seen the opening (and subsequent closing and re-opening) of The Lamplighter, Stella, The Depot and (the new and improved) Six Feet Under. Not bad for a street that’s still home to truck depots, warehouses and body shops.

Learn more about what Yelpers think about Mammy’s Kitchen, an old Memorial Avenue stand-by, here.

Check out Tin Lizzy’s menu, here.”

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