Trees Atlanta Annual Tree Sale

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Trees Atlanta is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a massive tree sale this weekend.  It’s a great opportunity to hand select some trees for your yard while supporting one of Atlanta’s greenest community organizations.  Straight from their site:

Over 1,000 native and exotic trees and plants will be available for purchase. You will love the aesthetic and energy-saving benefits trees provide year after year. And the best part is that they’ll be trees you personally selected for your home.

In celebration of Trees Atlanta’s 25th anniversary,

Trees Atlanta will offer 25 species and varieties of trees, shrubs, and forest-safe vines that have NEVER been sold at a Trees Atlanta Tree Sale before!  A few of these trees include bladdernut, butternut, Weeping Forest Pansy redbud, Emerald Knight fringe tree, Invincabelle Spirit hydrangea, and Devil’s Walkingstick. Non-invasive, unusual/exotic tree and plant varieties include Henry’s Dwarf, Parrotia, Colossus Oyama magnolia, Halka Ginkgo and Arnold’s Promise witchhazel.

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