ULI Awards Walkable Community Grant to Emory

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The Urban Land Institute has awarded Emory University a Community Action Grant (CAG) in amount of $18,000 to create a walkable community model for major universities. What does this mean, and why is it noteworthy?

– As an outcome of the grant, Emory is creating a blueprint for other universities striving for more walkable campus communities.

– It’s another step in the right direction for the university. They’ve already championed walkable design by re-designing of the heart of the campus into a pedestrian-only core without parking and vehicular access.

– Emory hopes to see a significant increase (at least 5 – 10 percent) in walking and biking by the end of the program.

While $18,000 doesn’t build many roads, it’s encouraging to see some coin spent on helping some thinkers re-think pedestrian-friendly development.

Edit Credit: ULI Atlanta District

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