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I see a lot of houses.  I am a Realtor, after all, which means that it’s part of my job.  But putting aside my professional obligations, I’m pretty obsessed with homes.  I’m constantly on the housing prowl, unlocking doors left and right in search of the greater market knowledge.

Of course, much of what I see is not really that unique.  In the suburbs, things are generally more homogeneous, but even intown I’m not always blown away by a home’s “”uniqueness”” that often.  You’re probably wondering what qualifies as unique.  This picture- recently posted on the AisForAtlanta Facebook Page (which I urge you to “”like””, if you do not already)- well demonstrates the definition:

I don’t expect to find a Super Mario Brothers themed bathroom on my afternoon jaunt to Lake Claire, so yes, this is what I’d call unique.  Another unusual attribute comes from a home that clients’ of mine closed last week (congrats, S + N!).  Two of the secondary bedrooms are lofted, with both ladders and fire pole:

Now that you have an idea of what I consider unique, I’m putting out a call to action: send me your unique home features.  I’m looking for the rare, wacky and over-the-top cool.  Top three entries get posted on the site, and entrants get their own limited edition AisForAtlanta reusable shopping bags.

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