Who Wants To Be On Property Brothers?

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Considering that you’re reading a real estate blog, chances are that you’ve heard of the show “”Property Brothers“”.  If you haven’t, here’s a quick synopsis:

Two handsome identical twins (think Evan and Jaron, all grown up).  One, a savvy and convincing Realtor.  The other, an ace contractor.  Together, they make housing dreams come true, in less than 45 minutes.  Just like real life.

While much of the show seems to be shot in and around Toronto, it looks like the brothers are planning on bringing their magic down south.  Just received this from the casting department for their show:

Seeking Families for PROPERTY BROTHERS new hit show ‘Buying and Selling’ 

Help your client get renovation, staging & storage ­help to raise the value of their home & sell their house faster!

  • Family with child/children
  • Must be living in the home that they wish to sell 
  • House needs a light facelift
  • Detached house over 2,000 square feet
  • In the Atlanta area and suburbs
  • Planning on selling their home soon

If you’re interested, give me a holler.  I’d happily tag along as their bald third brother.

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