You Know That New Construction Is On Fire When…

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Infill development.  Teardowns.  New construction everywhere.

It’s starting to feel a little bit like 2006.

So much so, that neighborhoods are starting to convene special meetings to talk about what’s happening out there.  A real email, from a real neighborhood, about this very real phenomenon…


As you are all aware, we are seeing unprecedented development in our neighborhood.   What effect does have on all of us?  The board of the (neighborhood’s name redacted for privacy) is hosting a special meeting in hopes of getting answers to questions you have about development.

Have you received an unsolicited offer to sell your property?
Wonder what a developer would offer/pay for your home/property?
Are these “”buy outs”” helping our home property value?
Are homeowners being coerced into selling?
Are homeowners selling to developers for under fair market value?
Are you considering selling your home or wondering what to do when you are ready to sell?

 More than one house on a lot?  What are the options?

The list of questions is endless…………we hope that you will find answers to your questions, and we will also have handouts for you to take home.

 I think it’s safe to say that the housing slump is over.

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