Atlanta, One of America’s Most Vital Cities

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The last time I checked, Atlanta was listed as one of America’s sickest housing markets.  Now, it’s being called one of the country’s most vital cities.  Subjective, unproductive surveys? Interesting times?  Silly press releases?  You be the judge.

According to the Atlanta Development Authority’s Pulse of Progress:

Atlanta ranks no. 6 among 35 US cities for vitality and creativity according to Creative Cities International, LLC (CCI) as announced in its Vitality Index™ (VI) last week. The top 5 cities are Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston. Atlanta placed ahead of Minneapolis, Columbus, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

The Vitality Index™ takes a new look at what makes exciting cities, big or small, work, weighting cultural data equally with information on trends, costs and demographic data.

CCI gathered data on “”vitality factors”” through questionnaires to city officials and an online survey in each of the 35 cities selected, paying attention to cultural and athletic attractions, night life, street life, educational opportunities, cafe society and general creative dynamism.

Great communities also share another essential: “”good messiness.”” From the report:

“”The vitality of a creative city distinguishes it from just any urban environment… That creative tension, which is the result of an entrepreneurial spirit combined with restless talent wanting the city to be more remarkable or provide better outlets for ideas and energy equals what we call “”good messiness.”” It is the energy we find in exciting places that is difficult to define but immediately felt. (And just as readily felt when it isn’t there.) “”


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