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If you live in Atlanta, are thinking about relocating to Atlanta, or just have a passing interest in the metro area, the transportation funding issue  is one that you need to be aware of.  It doesn’t matter which party you affiliate with- it’s an issue that will have a lasting effect on the city.   If you care about Atlanta, take a moment to learn more about the issue.  If you feel compelled to act, you have a few days left to write.  Instructions below.

From the Atlanta Regional Commission:

Anyone who drives in metro Atlanta knows that traffic congestion is a problem. But many don’t realize that some $4 billion of transportation projects have been removed from the region’s long-range transportation plan due to a lack of funding, a critical problem across Georgia.

That means that not only do we have traffic challenges today, but things will most assuredly get worse if nothing changes. The people of metro Atlanta and all of Georgia need the help of the General Assembly to correct this, and we need it now.  We have 5 legislative days left to convince our legislators that transportation is a critical issue and that we deserve a chance to vote on a regional sales tax for transportation.

A Transportation Conference Committee from both houses of the Legislature is currently working to finalize a bill that will allow for such a referendum. ARC urges you to contact one or all of the six committee members today and tell them that you support their efforts. Let them know that you support a bill that meets the following criteria:

  • The project selection process should be led by local officials. After all, this is a local tax.
  • It must include funding for all modes of transportation, including the expansion, maintenance and operation of transit.
  • It should be flexible enough that each region can determine critical issues, like timing of the referendum and how long the tax lasts. Again, it’s a local tax.

You can make a difference by sending at least one fax or email today. Now is the time for transportation solutions!

Conference Committee Members


Tommy Williams ? President Pro Tempore

FAX: 404-463-5220

[email protected]

Jeff Mullis ? Chairman, Senate Transportation Committee

FAX: 404-651-6768

[email protected]

Preston Smith– Chairman, Judiciary Committee

FAX: 404-463-4161

[email protected]


Jerry Keen ? Majority Leader

FAX: 404-656-5902

[email protected]

Jay Roberts ? Chairman, Transportation Committee

FAX: 404-656-6700

[email protected]

Donna Sheldon ? Majority Caucus Chair

FAX: 404-657-8278

[email protected]

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