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In most regions of the country, real estate is marketed via a multiple listing service (MLS). Listing agents enter pertinent information pertaining to the property into the system – everything from number of bedrooms to whether or not the property is on public sewer or septic system. It allows for some pretty significant detail to be shared. On the flip side, it has no filter for laziness.

For whatever reason, it bugs me when an agent puts down “”check Mapquest”” or just “”Mapquest”” in the “”directions”” section of a listing. I’m not sure why. I mean, clearly all know where to find Mapquest, and access to smartphones is increasing by the second (I’m pretty sure that one day I’m going to come home to find that my 20 month old daughter has an iPhone). And looking on Mapquest is for many not only a totally acceptable option, but the preferred option. If I didn’t have a GPS in my car, I might do it myself.

Perhaps I’m subconsciously judging them for referring to Mapquest and not Google Maps. Right or wrong, I put using Mapquest on par with AOL for email, Netscape for web browsing and Friendster for social networking. I know, I’m a digital snob.

At the end of the day, I suppose that my distaste stems from the perception of laziness that “”check Mapquest”” implies. We’re hired by our clients to do absolutely everything in our power to sell their property as fast as possible, for as much as possible. It might be that the overwhelming majority of the people looking at the listing know exactly where the property is… but it only takes one. Directions might provide context for exactly where the house is. Directions might help articulate how close the home is to a popular coffee shop, a beautiful dog park, or a high-falutin’ sub-division. Yes, it is entirely possible that something as banal as the description in the directions section might actually help sell a property faster, and for more money.

Or not.

Regardless, if it only takes two minutes to fill out… there’s no reason not to.


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