Eddie Ray, Atlanta’s King of Halloween

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Atlanta filmmaker Eddie Ray lives for Halloween.  From September 1 to November 1, Eddie lives and breathes zombies, horror and goreHe turns his own home in to a house of horrors and brings a passion to Halloween that’s infectious.  If you’re looking for more than just jack-o-lanterns and fake mustaches to celebrate Halloween, Eddie’s your go-to-guy…


Q. What are Atlanta’s Halloween highlights?

These are the 4 top Halloween Attractions/ Haunted Trails in Georgia. Period.

1.  Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse– Which I act in and it’s like being in a real zombie movie running for your life in an abandoned motel, restaurant, truck stop, and courtyard. Customers get to take part in a Zombie military nightmare adventure.

2. Chambers of Horror– is an “X” rated Halloween Attraction with scares and more, and I mean more. Totally worth it!

3. Horror Hill– One of the coolest horror trails in in Georgia. This one is in Newnan, but worth the drive. They also have a camp out that you can stay the night for and it is a amazing.

4. Camp Blood–  A Friday the 13th inspired horror trail in Carrolton, GA. that will scare the crap out of you and hello JASON V. is after you!

Halloween Events-

1. Zombie Walk- (Oct. 16th at 3pm) begins at WondeRoot– (here is a look at last years Zombie Walk)

2. Little 5 points Halloween Parade- Oct. 22nd Parade, starts at 4pm (here is look at last years parade)

3. A Very Rocky Halloween Special Show at the Plaza Theatre– Oct. 28 at 11:00pm

4. Marys- “”Hallo-Weenie party”” Oct.28th, and “”Spooky Disco Party”” Oct. 29th

5. The Goat Farm- Halloween Party at the Goat Farm– Oct. 29th  8:00pm

6. Buried Alive Film Festival – which I have a short film entered into this year. (Here is the trailer)

Q. Favorite Atlanta neighborhood?

A. A spooky alley down Ponce and Blvd. where ghosts live.

Q. What’s the deal with Atlanta’s new found “”Zombie Capitol of the World”” status?    

A. We have been getting a lot of attention during Halloween over the years already, then a few a years ago horror movies/TV shows starting coming this way bringing us more attention (Dance of the Dead, Rob Zombies Halloween 2, Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, Zombie Land, Vampire Diaries, etc.). I think the combined effort of how much Atlanta gets into Halloween, how many horror movies are filmed here, how popular our “zombie walk” is, and now for a 2nd year in a row how big the Halloween attraction “Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse” has grown is why Atlanta has become zombie horror town. In the 80’s it was all about supernatural killers and in the 90’s it was all about reality/serial killers. Now in the 2000’s it is about a “”mass”” or “”force”” coming to get you, like zombies and vampires. The public is afraid of being attacked from all sides now, not just by a singular monster, but by a group of monsters with many or no faces. People love to hate zombies, it really is just a sign of the times.

Q. If you were given an unlimited budget and a year to prepare, how would you transform Atlanta into the “”Halloween Capit0l of the World””?

1. Halloween carnivals in Piedmont Park.

2. Street lights with light up pumpkins and ghosts on them on every street.

3. Giant pumpkin carving contests

4. The best Halloween neighborhood in Atlanta contest.

5. Honestly we pretty much have a lot of events already in Atlanta and Halloween Attractions, and even real life haunted houses. All we need is more decorations everywhere and we are set to go. Atlanta really is a Halloween and Horror town now.

Q. What are people who ignore Halloween missing out on?

A. A chance for something fun and different. Halloween is a time where you can change your surroundings and yourself into something or someone else. You can appreciate the scarier side of life. Halloween reminds us that there are ghosts and shadows, and that fear is not always a bad thing. Halloween is like riding a rollercoaster, you get to scream and laugh all at the same time. To remind us to never lose the kid inside yourself, because when you do that, that is when you truly become old and die.

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