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Medical School students all over the country are participating in an annual rite of passage today: Match Day. Approximately 16,000 graduates from U.S. medical schools and 15,000 graduates from osteopathic or foreign medical schools compete each year for approximately 24,000 residency positions at U.S. hospitals. And today – Match Day – is when they all find out where they’re headed for further training.

To the Emory students who will be matriculating to training programs outside our fair city, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. May you evolve into outstanding physicians.

To physicians who have been fortunate enough to be “”matched”” with Emory University… mazel tov! On behalf of Atlanta, welcome to our outstanding city.  As you may be training and living in Atlanta for many years to come, consider me as a resource for finding the perfect place to live. While I know that many of you are strongly considering renting, don’t rule out home ownership. Prices have ebbed to dramatic lows, interest rates are insane, and as a physician you qualify for loan programs that the rest of us mere mortals have no access to. That being said, here are some quick housing/neighborhood recommendations for you:

1-You’re thinking: “”I’m going to spend a few years shuttling back and forth between Emory University Hospital and Grady Hospital, and I need something in between the two.””

I’m responding: Inman Park.  Two miles to Grady and four miles to Emory. Phenomenal community that’s walking distance to restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Perfect for the 4 hours of free time per week that you have to look forward to!

2-You’re thinking: “”I’m relocating from Boston, where I’m used to walking everywhere. My week is going to be spent primarily at Emory, so I’d like to be as close to Emory as possible without being near a dorm.””

I’m responding: Decatur all the way. Tons to do, and some great options under $250,000.

3-You’re thinking: “”I really need some space- a couple of bedrooms and a yard. I don’t care if I’m a few minutes from Emory, so long as I can buy a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for under $300,000. Oh, and as long as you’re asking, I’m really interested in mid-century modern architecture.

I’m responding: We need to take a drive up to the Northcrest subdivision, located right at the junction of I-285 and I-85. Perfectly situated on two of Atlanta’s primary highways, you’re looking at a twenty minute drive to the hospital. If mid-century is your game, than this is the neighborhood for you. You’ll love it.


The thrill of the match!

The thrill of the match!

4-You’re thinking: “”You seem incredibly knowledgeable, the perfect real estate person to help me find a new home in Atlanta. How do we move forward?””

I’m responding: That’s an awfully nice thing to say! I’d love to assist you. Here’s my contact information– be in touch at your convenience!

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