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As the owner of Castleberry Hill’s new dog dojo Greendog, Jennifer Nichols has created an eco-friendly urban dog farm that’s become all the rage of the intown dogerati.   Happy pups abound, and while many can’t actually read Silent Spring, they all benefit from the love and attention from Jennifer and her staff.  Somewhere in between the Great Danes and the Poodles, we were able to ask a few questions…

Q. Cesar Millan calls and he wants to know why Atlanta’s a great place for dogs.  What do you tell him?

A. I think Atlanta is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country.  There are so many parks and green spaces right in the city – Freedom Park, Piedmont Park, Grant Park, etc.  There are great shops where you can get all kinds of fun things for your dog and lots of restaurants that allow dogs to hang out on the patios.  And, since Atlanta has a lower cost of living than some of the larger cities, people live in larger spaces, whether in houses with fenced-in yards for their dogs to play or apartments/condo complexes with dog parks on site.

Q. If you could wish one small but very doable “green” change for everyone to make in their day-to-day, what would it be?

A. It’s so easy to recycle. I wish all people would just make that tiny extra effort.

Q. Favorite Atlanta neighborhood(s)?

A. The Westside because of how it’s evolved over the last few years – there are so many great restaurants and shops.  I love Ormsby’s for a fun night out and Dragonflysalon is where I get my hair dyed green (for Greendog, of course).  I love Inman Park, too, for those same reasons and, of course, Castleberry Hill where Greendog is located.

Q. A night out in Atlanta with Snoop Dogg and Dog The Bounty Hunter.  What have you got planned?


A. This is easy, since I want to write and record rap songs with Snoop anyway.  So, first, we would put down some raps in a recording studio with Dog the Bounty Huntersinging the hook.  Then we would head to dinner and drinks at Rathbun’s, hit the clubs, and then end the evening with cocktails at the Four Seasons.  I wouldn’t share a room with them, of course.

Q. If you were building your dream house, what sort of “dog friendly” amenities would you include?

A. I would definitely have a Japanese-inspired dog-friendly and eco-friendly garden and courtyard for my boys to play in at their leisure.

BONUS QUESTION: Why is Greendog awesome?

A. Because it is environmentally and socially responsible and dog-loving at the same time.

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