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My husband and I highly recommend Jon

Jon’s positive attitude and upbeat nature made all the difference in our home buying experience. Not only was he responsive and thorough, he was extremely knowledgeable about neighborhoods in Atlanta. Jon was really patient with my husband and I as we tried to identify the right house and worked with us to narrow down a neighborhood that met all our needs. When we found the house for us, Jon was great about explaining the offer process and continued to guide us every step of the way. My husband and I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home.

, Sandy Springs

He’s a true innovator and marketer.

What can we say about Jon Effron? In the worst economy since the Great Depression this guy helped us sell our house in Grant Park for a price we were happy with. From the minute we hired him, he put together a marketing plan and implemented it. Unlike many Realtors, Jon is innovative — he posted a story about our home on his blog, worked on positioning us correctly in the market, and strategically told us how to attract new buyers. He’s got a handle on technology, and where today’s buyer is looking — he’s a true innovator and marketer. I’d also challenge you to find a more practical, honest, and fair negotiator. Jon gave us advice at every turn, helped us work through what seemed to be an untenable negotiation, and landed us a sale with some very persnickety buyers without us having to give up too much. Real estate is full of sharky or lazy people, but Jon is a true exception to that rule. Hard working, honest, and in it for you, he gives me hope that there are still some good agents out there!”

, Atlanta

I look forward to working with Jon again in the future.

When I became interested in purchasing an investment property, a close friend suggested I contact Jon.  I’m glad I did.  Jon took the time to understand both what I was looking for and my financial constraints.  His advice was instrumental in not only helping me find the right property, but also in helping me avoid buying the wrong property.  I look forward to working with Jon again in the future.

, Atlanta

It was seamless and meant so much to us.

Buying a home was a tough life decision for us, but working with Jon made it much easier.  His professionalism was refreshing and his knowledge of neighborhoods was outstanding.  The moment we knew we had the right agent is when Jon became ill on the first day of our house hunting.  Most agents would reschedule, but Jon knew how important it was for us to find a home soon.  He arranged for another agent to show us our scheduled viewings, followed up with the agent to make sure we were taken care of and picked up from where she left off.  It was seamless and meant so much to us.  Not once did we ever feel pressured to buy a home or were we ever rushed during our viewings.  Jon remained objective but gave his honest opinion when we asked.  I was prepared for the worst after hearing horror story’s about first time home buyers and their dealing with bad agents.  But what I wasn’t prepared for was an agent who is extremely passionate about his clients and who would go the extra mile to make sure we bought the right home.  That is exactly what we received with Jon and I’m sure you will experience the same.”

, Atlanta

I have recommended him every chance I get

The good news was I obtained a new job I was wanting, but it required a move to the west coast from Atlanta. The potentially bad news was I was now tasked with the sale of my home in a difficult housing market.  This is where Jon comes in.
I sought him out because he was invested in and part of the area, Inman Park, where I lived. I stayed with him because he was not only an absolute pleasure to work with, but also knowledgeable, skilled in navigating the difficult nuances of this housing market. He understood the market and appropriate pricing to obtain as much as possible, yet move the property quickly.  He was responsive and took care of items as they came up, including off hours.  He negotiated my contract skillfully and was able to see it through to closing in a timely manner.  I felt like I not only sold my home, but also made a friend I still stay in touch with. I have recommended him every chance I get and would encourage you to trust him with one of the most important and stressful processes one can go through –the buying or sale of your home.
, Los Angeles

We give him the highest recommendation possible.

My husband and I have purchased property in New York City, upstate NY, Los Angeles, coastal Maine…and In-Town Atlanta with Jon Effron in 2011. He is hands down our favorite and most impressive real estate agent to date. 
With his help we were able to purchase a short-sale home in Lake Claire. This was a complicated deal that took nearly five months to complete. There were numerous entities to be negotiated with…including the original owners, the bank holding the mortgage and their foreclosure team, multiple attorneys and other agents, etc. 
It was a nail-biter of a deal, and honesty we didn’t think it would go through. If it weren’t for Jon it might not have.
He stayed invested and informed during every stage of the process, was uniformly liked and listened to by all parties involved…and despite the fact that it was a shaky deal from start to finish he maintained a positive attitude that made things go smoothly and in our favor. And when we were considering other houses to purchase instead…he advised us to stick to going after the house of our dreams, despite how difficult it was. 
And we got it.
We give him the highest recommendation possible.
Whether you list with him, or shop for your next house with him…you’ll most likely get what you want…
, Atlanta, GA

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jon.

Jon is exceptional. At first I thought his requirements to prepare my house to put on the market were more than necessary, but he was dead on. We had an offer within 2 weeks, successfully closed within another 4.
I live an hour away from the property, and Jon recommended workmen who could handle necessary repairs, and took time to meet many of them at the house himself.
The service he provided was on par with selling a multi million dollar house.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Jon.
, Atlanta

He’s one of the warmest

My experience working with Jon was fantastic. I was looking for someone who didn’t fit the standard coat and tie head-shot typically associated with realtors. I found Jon through his “A is For Atlanta” blog, and after sitting down with him for a cup of coffee, I realized that he has a passion for how real estate shapes the City of Atlanta. Most importantly though, Jon tuned into my needs, and was able to focus his knowledge and resources towards finding me the right home in the right neighborhood.
Jon’s level of service is second to none. He’s one of the warmest and most genuine folks you’ll ever meet. Don’t be surprised if you run into Jon at a local coffee shop or restaurant, because he’s not just selling homes for a quick buck – he loves Atlanta and lives it on a daily basis.”
, Atlanta