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Atlanta pizza maven Giovanni Di Palma took the city by storm when he opened Antico Pizza Napoletana in 2009.  If you live in Atlanta, you know what I’m talking about, and you’re likely now just thinking about the pizza and how it has impacted your life.  Giovanni’s second act, Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano, is all about the chicken.  He’s ready to elevate the humble bird to new levels, and he’s here to tell us all about it…

Q.  A potential customer tells you that their favorite chicken dish in the world is the Olive Garden’s Lemon-Herb Chicken. How would you sell them on Gio’s Sorrento Lemon Chicken?
A.  I’d say it’s the same as comparing Papa John’s to Antico Pizza. Like Antico, we brought this famous dish back from its origin, Sorrento, Italy and the Amalfi Coast where the lemons are very fragrant and the size of grapefruits. Secondly, the quality and freshness of our chicken is second to none as we use only Bell & Evans air chilled chicken from Amish Dutch farms of Pennsylvania. This is the way the dish was created so if you like other versions your truly love ours!!!

Q.  Man cannot subsist on just chicken and pizza. When you’re not dining at Antico or Gio’s, where are you eating and what are you ordering?
A.  I eat steak often when I dine out. Hal’s is my favorite nearby and Rathbuns when I’m looking for a fun night out. Both are awesome! Kevin’s appetizers and desserts are off the chain and the eggplant fries are amazing. I also like the fried lobster tail at Lobster Bar. Another favorite is the grilled bread with ricotta and mushrooms at JCT Kitchen. Honestly, Aria is amazing and I think one of the best in Atlanta.  Gerry K is at top of his game! Lastly, the fried chicken at South City Kitchen is incredible and every time I eat there so is Charles Barkley. He always tells me he’s on a diet and can’t eat my pizza right now!!

Q.  Hidden Atlanta gems? 
A.  Two words…Buford Highway. You can pick a random, small, family-owned ethnic spot and it ends up being incredible, authentic food. I also think Buckhead Bottle Bar & Bistro has become cool hangout and many people don’t realize the food is actually very good. The Lollipop wings are so good while having a few cocktails.

Q.  Best part of living in Atlanta?

A.  Several things, but the great climate and it is very affordable to live or start a business. Plus, I can quickly travel to New York City or Miami, which I do often. Most importantly, it is a great city to raise kids and my son Johnny is very happy here.

Q.  What is Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano, and why will it become an essential Atlanta food destination?

A.  For the same reasons Antico did to Atlanta. Gio’s offers a famous chicken dish with a few other selections of very high quality at a very affordable price for two in a very simple and authentic atmosphere. Mostly everyone loves pizza and chicken, but people eat chicken more often. With Gio’s serving all Italian healthy ingredients and not fried, people can enjoy it without remorse. This has been my feedback thus far and people truly love it. Ciao, Buon Appetito.

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