Greg Best, Holeman & Finch Public House and H&F Bottle Shop

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Greg Best is the co-owner and resident mixologist for Holeman & Finch Public House as well as H&F Bottle Shop.  If you’re looking for a “”hub”” of Southern cocktail culture, you’ll likely find it at these two places.  Lauded by both Playboy and GQ as one of the best in the business, Greg’s dedication to excellence is a thing of beauty.  Just a few minutes in Holeman & Finch or H&F Bottle Shop, and you’ll recognize the passion as something truly special.  I suppose that you should expect nothing less from a Poughkeepsie, NY native…

Q. I’ve got a $150 and a yearning to set up an excellent home bar.  Any advice?

A. This is totally do-able! Buy 1 bottle each of: W.L. Weller bourbon, Cocchi Torino vermouth, half bottle of Dolin dry vermouth, Beefeater gin, 3 different bottles of bitters (preferably orange, Angostura, and Peychaud’s), 6-ish lemons, 1 bottle of Luxardo maraschino liqueur. Start with this, and set a $20 budget a week, every week for a year, and you’ll have an awesome home bar soon enough!.

Q. Mayor for the day: what’s on your agenda?

A. Get on the debilitating taxi cab/transit issue, so the good people of Atlanta can unwind a little more-no pun intended.

Q. Favorite Atlanta neighborhood?

A. I’d have to say Inman Park is my favorite.  It has a great “close and comfortable” feel, and a great variety of dining and drinking options.

Q. Last meal in Atlanta- where are you going, and what are you eating?

A. I’d flip a coin. Heads, I’m going to do a vegetable tasting and cocktail pairing at Restaurant Eugene. Tails, 2 Lil Brucies (a special menu item sure, but this is hypothetical) and 1 pint of Guinness at the Bookhouse Pub…followed by a shot of Fernet Branca of course.

Q. What is H&F Bottle Shop, and why should any self-respecting consumer of alcoholic beverages shop there?

A. Basically, H&F Bottle Shop is meant to be a temple of the finer things in life. Not to be confused with the more expensive things in life. We exist to celebrate the art and culture of drinking across all budgets. If you have a problem with going to neon-lit, dusty-shelved liquor and wine stores with stuffy salespeople, H&F is for you. We find the good stuff and make it available to you. Cheers! 


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