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The Inman Park Beer Chase combines running (a 5k road race), beer (a craft beer festival) and public safety (it benefits the Inman Park Security Patrol).  I could probably end this post after one sentence (perhaps a second sentence letting you know that it takes place this Saturday, October 27 might be appropriate)… but then you wouldn’t get the opportunity to meet Greg Scott.  Greg is the first person to be featured for a second time on the “”Five Questions”” he’s the Inman Park Neighborhood Association VP for Public Safety, and one of Atlanta’s most sought after wedding photographers.  If you like Inman Park, weddings, photography, public safety, beer or running… then you may want to get to know him.

Q. A potential home buyer is thinking about buying in Inman Park. Sell them on the neighborhood…

A.  Inman Park has something that’s hard to find in Atlanta – a sense of history. Plus, in addition the awesome Victorians, charming bungalows and cool lofts is the strong sense of community and identity Inman Parkers have. We are fiercely proud of our neighborhood, and of the folks who came before us who saved this wonderful place from the wrecking ball and made it into the vibrant neighborhood it is today. It is the perfect mix of intown convenience with small town community spirit.  Plus, we throw some pretty killer parties. 

Q. Mayor for the day: what’s on your agenda?

A.  First – add bike lanes – and a lot of them, fire ParkAtlanta and incorporate a parking solution for the city that works for residents without giving up the revenue potential of paid parking spaces, give the Police and Fire Departments a raise, mandate that Public Works only send out the required number of workers per project to eliminate the “”5 guys/one shovel”” issue, tell APS to get their house in order and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Varsity (I heard you were allowed to do that as Mayor)

Q. Best Atlanta celebrity sighting? 

A.  That’s a tough one…in my business we never know who will show up at an event, and we have so many movies filmed in the neighborhood there’s always the possibility of spotting someone. One neat Inman Park moment -we were walking our dogs up on the bike path one morning and randomly happened upon a small ribbon-cutting ceremony with President and Mrs. Carter, a block from our house. They have an apartment at the Carter Center so I guess in a sense they are “”neighbors””. 

Q. What is the Inman Park Beer Chase, and why should all fans of beer, Inman Park and chasing make it a “must attend”?

A.  The Inman Park Beer Chase is a unique combination of events – a 5K road race through the tree lined streets of the neighborhood, followed by a craft beer festival featuring over 100 beers (a couple of them are brewed right here in the neighborhood). The post-expense proceeds benefit the Inman Park Security Patrol. The event sort of symbolizes the Inman Park mentality, which is the epitome of “”work hard/play hard””.  As everyone knows, we throw the best Spring Festival in the Southeast, which benefits the neighborhood association.  We had been looking at different ways of helping fund our Security Patrol, which is primarily supported through residential memberships, but also helps keep the visitors to our neighborhoods bars and restaurants safe, and thought that this was a neat event. Katie Morgan, our Race organizer, came up with the concept. What’s great about the Beer Festival is that Inman  Park has become something of a Beer Destination, with the Porter, the Wrecking Bar and stores like Savi Urban Market that have great craft beer selections, and although we take our beer seriously we wanted the Beer Chase Festival to be a little less intimidating than the huge fests – it’s a great festival for the seasoned beer snob to try some new beers and for the aspiring beer enthusiast to learn about great craft brews in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. You can do the Race, the Beerfest, or both!

Q. What is Picture This! Photography, and why is it awesome?

A.  My wife Sandra and I are Picture This! Photography. We have been shooting weddings together since 1998 and have a relaxed, unobtrusive approach to documenting our clients’ weddings.  We create stylish and timeless images that truly tell the story of their big day without being intrusive and with an incredible eye for detail and capturing moments as they happen. We are not big on tricks, trends or the crazy Photoshop techniques that come and go every year. We also have the experience level to be poised, calm and confident on the wedding day, which is important because you only get one chance to get it right. Check out our work at (the Blog seems to be our fans’ favorite time robber) and you will see why Picture This! is awesome!

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