10 Home Inspection Tips

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Buying a home in the future, and wondering what the deal is with the home inspection?

If you’ve got ninety seconds, watch our video on home inspections.

If you’ve got more than ninety seconds, contact us so we can share some deeper thoughts on home inspections.

If you’ve got less than ninety seconds, a quick “top 10” list, below:

10 Tips for Working Getting a Home Inspection

  1. Do Not Pass Up on a Home Inspection–  You’re buying a house, not a peach.  You need to make sure you know what you’re buying.
  2. Do Not Wait Until the End of Your Due Diligence Period to Get an Inspection– Make sure that you’ve got plenty of time after inspection for further evaluation and repair negotiation.
  3. Do Not Use the Internet as a Crutch to Find a Home Inspector– Again, you’re buying a house, not ordering falafel.  Yelp is good for somethings, not as good for others.
  4. Make Sure Your Home Inspector is a Full-Time Home Inspector– You want someone that inspects on the regular, not a part-timer.
  5. Attend Your Inspection– You’ll want to walk through the home with the inspector, so that you know what to focus on.
  6. Ask Questions– Also applies to life. Questions are good.
  7. Read the Inspection Report– Read the report, and if you’ve got questions, ask them.  Don’t be afraid that you’re being judged because you don’t know what a soffit is.
  8. Do Not Freak Out– Another great life lesson.  Every home has issues, and most of them are solvable problems.
  9. Post-Inspection, Opt For Professional Opinions, Not Google–  This will help minimizing the “freak out”.  Consult with your Realtor to make sure that you’re doing what you need to do to get your arms around the report.
  10. Contextualize Your Inspection– Keep an eye on the big picture. If you were the winning offer and there are three back up offers, don’t expect the seller to fix a leaky faucet.
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