Inspection Period

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Congratulations, you’re under contract. Now the real work begins. If you are purchasing a home subject to a due diligence period, you will have the opportunity to use this period to carefully assess your future home. This includes home inspections, neighborhood inspections, property survey, homeowner’s association documents review, and any additional diligence work that you and your Realtor feel is appropriate for this given property.

Scheduling Inspections: A general theme here is “”Time is of the essence””. Its our opinion that scheduling a home inspection as early as possible in the process is of  the greatest benefit to you, the buyer. This allows sufficient time for us to negotiate repairs or concessions with the seller, procure estimates on potential repairs, replacements, and or upgrades. It also enables us to bring in additional experts should we uncover anything that might require deeper inspection.  We recommend that our clients attend the home inspection.

Home Inspectors: Your home inspector will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home. This is an absolutely essential part of the home buying process , as it will help you determine the current condition of the home, as well as future repairs and system replacement. Based on the experiences of our previous clients, we recommend the following home inspectors:

Home Probe
Mike Monahan
Mark Cordle
We recommend that our clients attend home inspections, even if just for the last half hour; so that you can walk through the hour with the inspector so that you can see his or her primary points of concern. We find that this is an invaluable part of the process for all buyers. Be sure to notify a member of the A Is For Atlanta Group once you’ve schedule any inspection so that we can secure access to the house during the inspection.
Supplemental inspections: You have the right to bring in additional contractors for supplemental inspections during due diligence. While it is customary to have a single general home inspector and if there are findings in the report that cause you concern we can recommend resources for further inspections. Common supplemental inspections include; Radon Testing, Land Survey and termite inspection.