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The Waffle Palace is the latest and greatest production from Atlanta playwrights Larry Larson and Eddie Levi Lee.  Currently on stage at The Horizon Theatre, The Waffle Palace is a must see for those who have a special place in their heart for Waffle House.  That means you.  And everyone you know.

When he’s not writing and acting in wonderful shows like The Waffle Palace, Larry Larson is the host of am1690’s The Morning Ride, which is otherwise known as the soundtrack to all weekday morning’s in my home.  You need to make plans to see The Waffle Palace, and, to listen to him every week day morning…

Q.  What is The Waffle Palace, and why is it a must-attend for Atlanta theater goers this Spring?

A.  Well, it’s going to be very funny and I think timely given the more serious aspects of the play including the things we hold near and dear being in danger of being “gone with the wind”.  Everyone seems to have a Waffle House story or experience and the play is based on real events. Re-imagined in Ed and my fevered writers’ minds.

Q.  What inspired you to write The Waffle Palace?

A.  I kept coming across news stories about weird events that occurred at Waffle Houses – one article was headlined “The Waffle House: Weirdness Magnet?”  That sort of kicked the idea from the back of my mind to the front.

Q.  In addition to your career as a playwright and an actor, you host The Morning Ride on am1690.  If you could create a playlist for folks on their way to take in a performance of The Waffle Palace, what would we find?

A.  I guess that would be mostly country music that related to food, late nights, loneliness, home, or being drunk. Waitress songs would also be good.

Q.  Hidden Atlanta gems?

A.   It’s not exactly hidden but I’d say the Horizon Theatre and the Adlers. The Alliance gets all the ink but these two people and that theatre are consistently in the fore-front of bringing us really great theatre. They encourage more new work than any theatre in town.

Q.  You’re asked to play Atlanta tour guide for a visiting delegation of short order cooks and actors.  Where are you headed?

A.  The Waffle Palace of course!

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