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Leigh Layton is one of Atlanta’s most popular life coaches, as well as the Co-Founder of The Possibility Spa.  Her dynamic approach to life coaching and insider Atlanta knowledge make her a natural to answer questions about Piedmont Park, jogging in Crocs, and Atlanta’s best beer festival…

Q. 24 hours hanging out at Underground Atlanta, 12 hours riding MARTA, or the Peachtree Road Race in Crocs?

A. Definitely Peachtree Road Race in Crocs. I’ve been running the race for several years now, and my speed and form are somewhat questionable as it is. As luck would have it, I’ve actually had little kids in Crocs passing me, so clearly they’re onto something. So, sure, let’s add Crocs to the mix – why not. The feeling of crossing the finish will just be all that much sweeter. And enjoying the sweet stuff is what it’s all about, right?

Q. Favorite Atlanta road trips?

A. I’m not sure this qualifies as a road trip, but I love trips to Piedmont Park. My husband and I pack the all-terrain Radio Flyer wagon with chairs, blankets and a picnic. Oh, and the dogs, of course. Piedmont Park is the dog mecca of Atlanta. They just renovated their dog park, and it’s beautiful. I love to play the Look Alike Game. That’s when you people-watch and spot the people who look like their dogs. Or dogs that look like their people. (It’s one of those chicken-and-egg things.) You’d be surprised how often you can see a similarity! Me and my dog, Guinness, included!

Q. If you could coach the ultimate Atlanta Coach- Bobby Cox- what would the sessions look like?

A. Wow. Good question. An important principle in coaching is geography. Your mental and emotional experience at a given moment is reflected in your physical experience and vice versa. Change one, and you’ll change the other. For example, if you’re sad, you’re body literally takes on a physical form that reflects sadness. Slouched shoulders, hunched over body, drawn face, etc. So, if you’re goal is experience some happiness, then you can begin by noticing how you’re body is and shifting it towards what you want to be experiencing instead. Maybe straighten your posture and look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Maybe do laughter yoga. Bobby Cox’s body language is palpable. He has a powerful presence. You know where he’s at mentally and emotionally just by noticing his energy, and, because of that, I would engage him in geography exercises a lot. I’d have him literally moving…a lot!

Q. Favorite neighborhoods?

A. My favorite would have to be East Atlanta Village, my home for the last 10 years. We’ve taken diversity to a new level. We’ve got a little bit of everything and everyone, and we’re somehow making it work. Our EA Beer Festival is one of city’s most successful and raised $50k last year to give back to local businesses in need. I also love Little Five Points; it’s the best people-watching bar none. It’s also boasts The Porter, which has the most insane beer menu I’ve ever seen. The food is phenomenal to boot.

Q. What’s The Possibility Spa, who should attend, and why would they be foolish to miss it?

A. The Possibility Spais a 2-night, 3-day retreat in the Art of Possibility. It’s for conscious-minded women seeking conscious-minded strategies to expand their potential to make a difference in the world. It’s for women who have a contribution to give and an impact to make right now. What would be foolish is putting that impact off until tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. To miss this opportunity would be to miss a chance to change the world for the better right now and to feel incredible doing it!

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