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Mike LaSage, Executive Chef at P’Cheen, is a renaissance man in the truest sense.  His culinary chops are rivaled only by his musical stylings, but on Monday nights at the Old Fourth Ward spot you get the real goods: Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ, a weekly bounty of ‘cue that’s developed a stalker-like loyalty.  Mike on Anthony Bourdain, barbecue, and what Reynoldstown needs most…

Q. You have a choice between showing Guy Fieri or Tony Bourdain around Atlanta.  Who are you taking, and where are you going?

A.  Guy Fa- whatever his name is, is not someone I would spend two damn seconds with, so I would obviously go with Bourdain. And, I would take him to a romantic dinner at the top of the Omni hotel. Drinks at some real Buckhead-y spot and maybe some dancing in one of those really nifty high volume clubs in midtown…..or….NONE of those things. I’d take him to Nick’s Greek Corner for a pork Gyro, maybe over to the Righteous Room for the jukebox and cold beers, maybe Fontaine’s for some oysters, order the porterhouse for two at Kevin Rathbun’s Steak, the maybe eat something psychedelic and go stare at the wall of fish at the aquarium. Once the high ended, it would be on over to Church for some late night bacon cheese grits and some more ice cold beers. Maybe we would end the night at the Pony if he’s into that sort of thing. And, obviously I would make him pay the tab everywhere.

Q. Most underrated thing about Atlanta?

A. Underrated….. Hmmmm… Not sure…. Me, I guess… Ha! Take that!

Q. You’re given free rein to throw your own block party.  What’s it going to look like?

A. Block party. That’s a good idea. I think I am going to do that in May before it gets too hot, so here’s what it’ll look like:

A fire pit with a pig roasting, a bunch of kegs of Highlife, six or seven bands, including mine, playing on two stages and maybe some local artists. Ideally, there would be a lot of nakedness, we’ll see about that and a few DJs playing some fun indie rock jams in-between the bands. And, debauchery as far as the eye can see. My house, The Reynoldstown Playboy Mansion, May 7th-ish.

Q. Favorite neighborhoods?

A. I am a huge fan of Old Fourth Ward. The Edgewood corridor has become a great place to hangout, aside from the goddamn parking issues. I also love my neighborhood, Reynoldstown, it just needs a late night convenience store and a few more bars, preferably ones with hot women I don’t already know

Q. What’s Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ, and why should we be eating it?

A. Mike’s Bone Lick BBQ is my addition to the Atlanta BBQ scene. I love good cue, however I just haven’t found much that I give a damn for: Rolling Bones does a nice job, but it’s it’s own take on BBQ, and Wyatt’s on Memorial is fantastic, but it’s out of the way and you can’t eat it there. So, I decided that if ya want something done right, do it your own damn self. I like BOLD flavors, STRONG heat, dry rubbed, smoky as all hell BBQ and now I have it every Monday at P’cheen. It’s great. So if you’re into bold-spicy-smoky deliciousness,then you should be here enjoying it too. If bland and smokeless is more your cup of tea, well, I am sure there are plenty of places that can accommodate ya, but this ain’t it!

Photo Credit: Atlanta Magazine/ Josh Meister
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