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The first call that you should make after going under contract to buy a home is to a home inspector.  Unless you’re some freakish combination of Bob Vila and the annoyingly energetic guy on Extreme Makeover, it’s an absolute must.  Mike Monahan is one of Atlanta’s best home inspectors, so I asked him a few questions to help explain why he and his fellow inspectors are such a key piece of the puzzle…


Q.  Why is a home inspection absolutely essential for all homebuyers?

A.  Home inspections are an absolute essential because most homeowners don’t know if there are problems with plumbing, roofing, siding, electrical, HVAC, framing (decks and structures).  These items can be so costly to correct and more importantly dangerous.  A plumbing leak can cost a fortune in damage but a fire can be catastrophic!  Why take chances.  And honestly, most home inspections have a net cost to the buyer of zero because they usually negotiate more in repairs than the cost of the inspection itself.

Q.  Favorite neighborhoods? 

A.  My favorite neighborhoods are places where I have lived and worked for the last 20 years.  Midtown, VA-Highlands, Poncey-Highlands, Brookhaven and unincorporated Dekalb (the triangle inside the perimeter between Lavista Rd. and GA 400 down to Midtown…..can’t go wrong!!!  Reasonable taxes and good schools (generally).

Q.  If you could give any advice to a homeowner about taking care of their home, what would it be?

A.  Go outside when it’s raining and see what is happening with your gutters and downspouts!  Most people rush into their houses and don’t look to see where the water shedding off their roof is going.  Is it going into that crawl space that you never look in?  Is it overflowing at the roof line way up there and causing soffit damage to the house?  Water made the Grand Canyon and I promise it will EAT YOUR HOUSE ALIVE if allowed to do so!  Pay attention to water at all times.

Q.  What are some of the strangest things that you’ve uncovered during a home inspection?

A.  The strangest thing I have found in a home inspection is a light switch in a shower stall.  Yes, a working light switch…..CRAZY!!!

Q.  Who is Mike Monahan, and why is he one of Atlanta’s best home inspectors?

A.  Mike Monahan is an ASHI certified home inspector with 12+ years of inspections under his belt along with 6 years of Infrared Thermography (certified Level I Thermographer).  I like to think I can explain in clear terms what is important and what is relatively simple for the homeowner to take care of.  The purpose of a home inspection is NOT to terrorize the buyer but to educate them so that a rational buying decision can be made.  After conducting more than 3500 inspections over the years, I haven’t seen it all but I’ve certainly seen plenty!

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