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PERFECTING THE CONTRACT: The contract negotiation process involves a lot of paperwork and signatures from all parties. The contract will go through a review process and you may be asked to sign /initial portions of the contract after the binding date. Unless specifically stated, the signatures will in no way affect the terms of the agreement they are only meant to complete the contract. We strive to have a fully signed contract with exhibits within five business days of the binding date.

EARNEST MONEY: How To Turn In Earnest Money: Earnest Money in the form of a personal check or cashier’s check should be turned in to a member of the A Is For Atlanta Team as soon as possible. Earnest Money can be delivered to the front desk of our office at 621 North Ave NE, Atlanta, 30308 until 5:30 p.m. Monday- Friday. As an alternative there is a locked drop box outside of the office building which is checked each morning. If you choose to use the drop box please put the check in an envelope and label it with your name. Contact a member of our team if you have concerns about submitting the earnest money within the time stated on the contract

There are three reasons  back: 1) If you terminate before the due diligence ends, 2) if you can not get financing 3) the appraisal comes back in lower than the under contract price and the buyer and seller can not agree on the new sales price. Otherwise, the earnest money will be noted on the settlement statement as part of the down payment that you are bringing to the closing table.