New Townhomes In Old Fourth Ward… Not Inman Park

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a new townhome development under construction on Highland Avenue, just off the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail. My headline was succinct, and to-the-point: New Townhomes In Inman Park.

Not long after posting I found out that there was one small issue with the headline/post: I was wrong. I received the following post comment from a reader:

Of course, This story needs to be corrected. The west side of the betline is Old Fourth Ward- not Inman Park. The border is often confused, but it is important that folks realize this kind of activity is happening in Old Fourth Ward. Thanks.

My first reaction, predictably, was knee-jerk disagreement and indignation. As my wife will attest, I am a know-it-all. This commenter has his facts wrong, I thought. And what chutzpah, blighting my comment section with erroneous information. My second reaction- as my wife will also confirm- is to whip out my phone/iPad/computer and comfort myself with a cocktail of Google, Wikipedia and whatever else I can find to confirm what I think I already know.

It turns out that the commenter was 100% correct- the west side of the BeltLine is in the Old Fourth Ward, not Inman Park. BeltLine maps reveal this, as do Atlanta Public School maps (this development would be zoned for Old Fourth Ward’s Hope Hill Elementary, not the elementary school that serves Inman Park, Mary Lin Elementary).  While the new development sits behind N. Highland Steel, a retail/apartment complex that’s most certainly within Inman Park, its close proximity to the neighborhood does not qualify it for being in the neighborhood. These two developments may be separated by less than a few hundred feet, but between those few hundred feet runs a border that clearly delineates two distinct neighborhoods.

As the commenter said, “”it is important that folks realize this kind of activity is happening in Old Fourth Ward””- and I couldn’t agree more. Between this new development, the phenomenal new Historic Fourth Ward Park, the Beltline’s Eastside Trail and the city’s “”Year of Boulevard“” initiative, there are some great things going on in the neighborhood. One of the goals of this site is to shine a bright line on positive news like this, and in crediting these new townhomes incorrectly to Inman Park I short changed the Old Fourth Ward of credit where credit was due.

Credibility matters. This site is nothing without credibility, nor is my business as a Realtor. Consider this post as a correction, an apology, and a pledge to getting it right the first time moving forward.



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