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Nick Arapoglou is one of the stars of Avenue Q, the Horizon Theatre’s production of the big-time Broadway Musical.  If seeing a rip-roaringly hilarious musical at one of Atlanta’s most beloved theaters isn’t enough for you, then you should consider buying a ticket just to see Nick.  Any fellow New Yorker who has made the conscious choice to dump the Knicks for the Hawks is ok by me!


Q. Favorite neighborhoods? 

A. I’m not sure I have an absolute favorite. The wonderful thing about being an actor in this town is that your constantly changing the location where you work. If you’re at Theatrical Outfit, you get to hang downtown on Luckie Street. If you’re at the Alliance, you can enjoy Midtown. Right now, I’m loving my time at Horizon in Little Five. There’s always something interesting going on there. Although, I get jealous whenever I see who is playing at the Variety Playhouse, since I know I can’t go to the show because I’m doing my own!


Q. Hidden Atlanta gems?

A. This might seem out of left field because I’m an actor, but I’m going to say the Atlanta Hawks and watching them at Phillips Arena! I’m originally from New York but I’ve adopted the Hawks as my NBA team, and I’m always so sad to go to those games and see the stadium half empty. They’re a really fun team and need some Atlanta love!


Q.  You meet someone who tells you that they’re “just not that into live theater”.  How do you sell them on what they’re missing?

A. There is NOTHING like live theatre. There’s a reason why the art form has been around since the beginning of language! What’s special about attending a play or a musical, is the knowledge that you could see a show on Friday and go again on Saturday and it would be completely different. You can’t cut and print live theatre as you can in film. It’s human and it’s ever-changing. Seeing the actors just a few feet away from  you and not on a flat screen is always a more exciting and rewarding experience. 

Q. What is Avenue Q, and why is it a must-attend?

A. Avenue Q is a Tony Award Winning musical that crosses Sesame Street with South Park or Team America Humor. Oh, and it’s all done with puppets. And Gary Coleman is a character in the show. It uses hilarious lyrics to tackle issues such as racism, struggles with sexuality, not fitting in, and even the internet’s porn epidemic. It’s far and away the funniest show I’ve ever done, but the wonderful thing about the show is the heart at the center of the play. It’s about finding your purpose in life, accepting things you can’t avoid, and appreciating what you have, no matter how bad things get. You WILL have fun!

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